Rules & Regualtion


All the students are expected to wear a proper school uniform based on the assigned dates.

The Uniform Regular Uniform from Grade 1 to 5 onwards is White shirt, GreySkirt/ Pant, Tie and Belt, Black shoes and Grey Socks, Maroon Blazer. ( Girls shall wear a white hair band)

PT Uniform is Housecolour T Shirt + Black lower with House colour strips, Black shoes and Grey Socks.( Every class is instructed about which day of the week, students are expected to wear the PT Uniform)

Important Note:

1. Students must follow the above format.

2. Boys must have a neat haircut.

3. Please adhere to Reporting Time: 8am.

4. Students are not allowed to leave early and join school late. In case of any prior appointment, student can stay at home for that particular day.

5. Girls must tie two ponies if hair is shoulder length. Tie two plaits if hair is below shoulder length.

6. In case of students reaching school late, parents could be requested to take the child home. However no student should be sent home alone unescorted.

7. In case the student is not in proper uniform, diary notes should be sent by the class teacher to ensure compliance. If it is repeated despite several reminders, parents could be called to the school with the right uniform.

8. Care should however be taken to ensure that there are no rude talks by the teacher or the school staff and they are sufficiently oriented about the difference of being assertive and being rude.

9. No child should be subject to corporal punishment for any reason. The school has absolute zero tolerance towards any corporal punishment.

10. Not more than 9 days leave is permitted for any student, unless the child is suffering from any special ailment.

11. Students leaving the school early owing to ill health need to get their gate pass signed by the Coordinator. In absence of the Coordinator the Out pass shall be signed by the Admin Personnel.


Only students whose fees is paid for the use of the facility shall be allowed to use the School Bus Fees. The fees for June to November has to be deposited before 15th May of the given academic year. The fees for December to May shall be deposited on 10th September to facilitate procurement of the number of buses for the beneficiaries.

1.Every Bus Driver and Attendant's details shall be submitted to the School office in the beginning of the year and regular updation of the same shall be initiated to apprise the School office of the changes.

2. The details of the Bus Driver should be accompanied with the Driving License.

3. Every Bus shall be supported by the GPS to enable the parents track the buses.

4. In case there is any complaint that the school/organization receives about the Driver being drunk during the driving, his services shall be subject to immediate termination and the Bus Vendor shall have to supply the school with an immediate replacement.

5. Use of abusive language by the Bus Driver or the Attendant shall not be tolerated.

6. In case Parents are abusive and use unacceptable language with the School Bus Driver/ Attendant or the Bus Vendor, the service for the student shall be discontinued to safeguard the basic etiquette in the school.

Too naughty and incorrigible behavior of the student shall also attract termination of the Bus Service to protect the interest of other commuters