About Us

SNBP International School at Rahatani is an extremely progressive and innovative school of the city. Every day in this Alma Mater reflects echoes of joy of the learners who are the perennial inmates. The teachers and the taught are constantly in awe of the exhaustive wealth of knowledge available in the reservoirs. The walls of this Alma Mater reflect the thrill and ecstasy of learning. The exuberance emitted in the precincts are highly infectious and everyone- young and old learn here with lot of joy.

SNBP International School at Rahatani is a government recognized, co-educational, unaided Institution which offers a child-centric, activity-oriented curriculum. The school offers education from Class Nursery to Class 10. It is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education( CBSE) bearing affiliation number 1130415. The school calendar is adorned with innumerable activities to ensure that each day in a SNBPian’s life is joyful and exciting. The activities have been handpicked to facilitate a good balance of physical fitness and mental alertness. Each child at SNBP is treated as a special entity deserving unique attention.


The underlying objective of this Alma Mater is to ensure that each and every child fulfills his potential to the fullest. Histrionic skills like Music, Dance, Dramatics form an essential part of the Weekly Schedule. Karate, Yoga, Skating, Defense training and regular sports are also part of the Weekly program. Quite a few students of the school have signed up for the local athletic program- Malkhambh.

The school also encourages children to participate in the Elementary and Intermediate Drawing Exam conducted by the State Government. The school has signed up for Leap Start a U.S based program to encourage Physical Fitness. External Resource faculty trained by professional anchor this program.

Overall there is absolutely no dull moment at SNBP International School, Rahatani